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IPCRG 7th World Conference, Athens

    A Breath of Fresh Air :
Multiple Morbidities and Integration

21st – 24th May 2014

If you couldn't make it to the conference

all the information, abstracts and recordings are available below:

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Athens on Air: watch again (English and Spanish)


Making the case for primary care in the ERS White Book launched Sept 2013 written by IPCRG President Niels Chavannes and Executive Officer Sian Williams

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The journal is the only fully indexed scientific journal devoted to the management of respiratory diseases in primary care. It is the official journal of the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK and the International Primary Care Respiratory Group.

As of July 2014 the journals impact factor increased to 2.909 making it #2 in Primary Health Care and #21 in Respiratory.


Free, monthly independent abstract service available in English and Spanish.

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May 2015

IPCRG 4th Scientific Meeting Singapore

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