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  • ERS Stockholm 2007 - Primary Care Day (28 February 2007)
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Subject: ERS Stockholm 2007 - Primary Care Day
Date sent: 28 February 2007


The IPCRG is working with ERS and other colleagues to run a Primary Care Day on 15th September 2007.  Please mark this date in your diary now, more information is available on
  E R S   1 7 t h   A n n u a l   C o n g r e s s  
Stockholm, Sweden: September 15, 2007  


A one-day programme for General Practitioners and 
Allied Respiratory Professionals in conjunction with the 
ERS Annual Congress: featuring plenary sessions, 
workshops and postgraduate courses 

Programme highlights 

  • The patient behind the lung
  • Raising the political agenda of respiratory disease
  • Diagnosing and labelling respiratory patients
  • Palliative care challenges: behavioural and emotional aspects
  • Delivering the goods: inhaled therapies
  • Managing special cases in lung disease
  • Impact of technology on professional practice and healthcare outcomes 
  • Who? Where? How? Exercise testing, pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Delivering quality respiratory care in Primary Care

More information available on

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