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Project Title: Disseminating on-line spirometry training and feedback in Australia, based on the Spirometry 360 train the trainer program.  

Professor Jim Stout, University of Washington, US in collaboration with Professor Alan Crockett and Dr Kerry Hancock, Adelaide Australia. 

Spirometry is recommended as a routine component of patient management by most guidelines for asthma and COPD world-wide and most people with these conditions receive their care in a general practice setting. However diagnostic spirometry is not practiced routinely in many countries despite evidence to support its clinical importance. A lack of time and training for administering and interpreting spirometry are cited as the most common barriers to its use and two thirds of general practitioners reported a desire for such training. There have been increasing calls for large scale efforts to meet this demand in order to address this deficiency in primary care.    

The Spirometry 360 is an on-line training and feedback program developed by Jim Stout at the University of Washington, Seattle. The program includes three components - spirometry fundamentals- an online instructional program; spirometry learning labs - case based teaching in practice - exploring clinical examples in an interactive virtual classroom; spirometry feedback - online individualised feedback reports which summarise technique, define the most common errors and offer suggestions for improvements.   

The purpose of this E-quality project was to support an Australian team of clinical experts in the use and delivery of the online training resources from the Spirometry 360 program.

Overall, the project was a success, the training program and feedback system was utilised by clinical experts and implemented in four practices in the Adelaide area.

In 2103 - the results of the project were presented by Professor Jim Stout at the IPCRG 3rd Scientific Meeting in Uppsala in May 2013. Do have a look at his presentation here -  Adelaide slidesFINAL[4].ppt 

The abstract of the presentation is available here (page 17). Jim also presented his work on 'SpiroSmart' - a mobile phone based spirometer with feedback capability. 

A qualitative evaluation explored the Australian teams experience of implementation, achievements and specific barriers encountered. The training program worked well and there were unexpected challenges in engaging practices and implementation, most of which were surmounted. These provide important lessons for the e-quality program on using established training programs from one setting to another and the importance of context.   

To keep updated on Spirometry 360 from the University of Washington, Seattle 

Associated publications:

COPD practical aspects of case finding, diagnosing and monitoring. Walters et al 2013

June 2016 - rolling out Spirometry 360 in Sri Lanka