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Announcing the outcome of the first E-Quality awards 
The IPCRG is delighted to announce that it has awarded funding to two pilot projects as part of its new E-Quality programme. The two successful teams are:

o Dr Sundeep Salvi and Dr Monica Barne, Chest Research Foundation, Pune, India. To assess the impact of Chest Research Foundation’s one day training programme for GPs on Asthma called CHAMPS (Changing Asthma Management Practices).

Changing Asthma Management Practice - Pune, India.

o Professor James Stout, University Washington in collaboration with Professor Alan J Crockett, University of Southern Australia and Dr Kerry Hancock Adelaide. Disseminating on-line spirometry training and feedback in Australia based on the Spirometry 360 Train-the-Trainer program.

This project is now complete. Disseminating online spirometry training - University Washington, US/ Adelaide, Australia

The E-Quality programme seeks to increase educational capability in member and associate member countries: working locally, collaborating globally. We invited bids for a portion of a £15,000 budget; project bids needed to meet our evidence-based criteria and applicants were also asked to present to the IPCRG Education Sub Committee in September 2011. Following this selection process two bids were awarded. We will be working with both teams over the coming year to ensure their success and share learning with IPCRG.

To download the full literature review prepared for the IPCRG by Juliet McDonnell click here

For more information contact the IPCRG Business Manager: