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The IPCRG has specified to B Ami Medical Information the search terms and journals to search that are relevant to its primary care clinical audience.  B Ami produces a long list of articles; a multi-national IPCRG primary care group reviews this and agrees a short-list.  These articles are then abstracted and the abstracts reviewed by the IPCRG group before circulation to the IPCRG RespiratoryAt@Glance circulation list.  The service is a donation by TEVA Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd that has no other input into the process.

On this page are all the RespiratoryAt@Glance issues in English. We also have a Spanish edition, that can be found here.

Our abstracts are reviewed by our members, these are: 

Vidal Barchilon
Ioanna Tsiligianni
Persijn Honkoop
Basil Penney
Karin Lisspers
Carlos Costago
Frederik Van Gemert
Osman Yusuf
Rik Loijmans

To view any of our most recent issues please click on the links below.

To sign up for e-alerts into your inbox go here.

A new issue will be released and uploaded at the end of every month. 

December 2015, Issue 76

November 2015, Issue 75

October 2015, Issue 74

September 2015, Issue 73

August 2015, Issue 72

July 2015, Issue 71

June 2015, Issue 70

May 2015, Issue 69

April 2015, Issue 68

March 2015, Issue 67

February 2015, Issue 66

January 2015, Issue 65


To view older issues please follow one of the links below to view the list of issues released in that year.






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