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Better Breathing Bangladesh, a World Health Organization (WHO) Global Alliance against chronic Respiratory Diseases (GARD) demonstration project

Better Breathing Bangladesh (BBB) is making strides in improving respiratory health care in the country.  To see the acknowledgement by WHO-GARD go here.

Latest update, December 2017 from IPCRG's member Bangladesh Primary Care Respiratory Society (BPCRS)

Better Breathing Bangladesh February 2018

World COPD Day 2017

Asthma E-learning
Latest 6th cohort of asthma e-learning taught by Bangladesh Primary Care Respiratory Group. There have been 6 cohorts of e-learning and a further 9 without e-learning. 




Keynote lecture to primary care by the Director of the Bangladesh Chest Institute as part of the asthma programme, 2017

Primary care spirometry workshop

Primary care spirometry workshop before the national PULMOCON meeting November 2017

Spirometry trainers receiving their certificates from Drs Uddin and Habib (centre)

BPCRG has been under licence with the University of Washington, Seattle, to test the spirometry distance learning and over-reading programme Spirometry 360.   This was tested outside the USA through two IPCRG E-Quality educational grants in Australia and Sri Lanka, and taken up by Bangladesh through an additional licence from the University of Washington.  The FRESH AIR programme is implementing Spirometry 360 in Uganda, Crete, Vietnam and Kyrgyz Republic, and the learning lab and teaching resources have therefore now been translated into Vietnamese and Russian.    See also . For information on the implementation of Spirometry 360 go here


New community respiratory clinics are being set up in eight different districts in the second phase of the programme, with the first of these inaugurated by the Minister of Health and Family Welfare.

Bangladesh's Minister of Health and Family Welfare officially opens a new community respiratory clinic set up through the efforts of Better Breathing Bangladesh. 

Doctors trained in the first phase of BBB will be putting their newly acquired expertise into practice in the community clinics. 

The minister also recently launched a free spirometry campaign in the southern part of the country, another BBB initiative to promote awareness of lung health. Already about 100 people have had spirometry screening as a result. 

The IPCRG and its Bangladesh group teamed up with the UK’s Education for Health and others to implement the WHO-GARD approved respiratory health programme. 

In the initial phase of the project, training programmes on the treatment of asthma and the use of inhalers reached 100 primary care doctors, 200 nurses and 25 pharmacists. 

During a recent visit to the country, Education for Health CEO Monica Fletcher and the IPCRG’s Dr G M Monsur Habib were part of a team which sought the help of local media to spread awareness of the programme among the public and health professionals.

Education for Health CEO Monica Fletcher (right) and the IPCRG’s Dr G M Monsur Habib, chief co-ordinator of Better Breathing Bangladesh and colleagues meet senior staff of a local newspaper to discuss co-operation.

Dr Jahangir Kabir (above right), teaching a pharmacist MDI and spacer technique as part of the Better Breathing Bangladesh project, as other pharmacists attending the training session look on (below).

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