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IPCRG education strategy 2014-2020 

IPCRG's Strategy builds on its literature review about what educational interventions are effective to improve respiratory health and presents a plan to 2020

Literature review published in PCRJ (Blog post and link to paper published 2012)

Education strategy published in npjPCRM (2014)

Everyone has something to teach and something to learn  (pdf)}


Programmes to teach primary care clinicians 

As part of its Educational Strategy the IPCRG runs Teach the Teacher programmes to equip national primary care teachers with the skills to design and teach relevant programmes.

Teaching the teachers of primary healthcare professionals to treat tobacco dependence

Primary care clinicians across Europe learn about the results of U-BIOPRED

In January 2015, the U-BIOPRED consortium members IPCRG and EFA brought together clinical colleagues from eight EU countries for a two day 'Teach the Teacher: Difficult to Manage Asthma workshop in Rome. The aim was to build their ability to teach other clinical colleagues the key messages concerning severe asthma. This included how to use and adapt existing IPCRG resources for local use. The expert speakers coached attendees to design and plan national educational programmes for clinicians. These local programmes were delivered in 2015-16, with support and funding from UBIOPRED and IPCRG.

Abstracts were accepted for two conferences in 2016.

ERS London 2016

THET Conference- Evidence, Effectiveness and Impact, London 2016

IPCRG slides and materials you can use 

We are often asked for peer-reviewed slides on common respiratory topics.  These slides from IPCRG are free to use for IPCRG clinical colleagues. Please always acknowledge IPCRG when using them.

WONCA Presentations


We have a rich supply of presentations from previous conferences for you to use and reference appropriately in your presentations

IPCRG 6th World Conference Edinburgh 2012 Webcasts

IPCRG 7th World Conference Athens 2014 presentations

IPCRG 7th World Conference Athens on Air interviews with leading authors





IPCRG E-Quality 

E-Quality (here) is the IPCRG’s flagship educational programme, building capacity of its network/ member countries and evaluating impact. Based on a published scoping exercise and literature review of educational interventions that support clinical behaviour change and contribute to improved health outcomes, we developed criteria for the IPCRG E-Quality awards.

We provide mentoring support and seed funding for small-scale educational projects in member countries and have supported seven projects since E-Quality started in 2011.

In 2016 we presented an evaluation of the programme at the THET (Partnerships for Global Health) Conference.

Round 1- CRF India - US/Australia

Round 2- Brazil - *** including new npj PCRM publication Sept 2016 ***

Round 3- FYR Macedonia - Sri Lanka - Brazil -

Round 4 - Bulgaria







Afbeeldingsresultaat voor blue inhaler

Short-Acting Beta Agonists (SABA) overuse

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