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Dear Colleague,


The International Primary Care Respiratory Group (IPCRG) which has members in 30 countries, provides practical information and undertakes action-oriented research to help GPs in many countries provide better care to their patients with respiratory conditions like asthma, COPD, allergic rhinitis, and those who need help with smoking cessation. 

 These diseases have an enormous impact worldwide: 

  • 80 million people have COPD which is the third leading cause of death 

  • 300 million people have asthma 

  • 0ver 90% of COPD deaths and over 80% of asthma deaths occur in low and middle income countries 

  • The link between exposure to smoke, indoor, outdoor and tobacco smoke is well known. 


The IPCRG is the only global primary care organisation dedicated to improving the lives of patients with respiratory problems. We do this by working with  primary care health professionals in different ways – education, publications, online teaching, research and providing practical tips. GPs or family medicine doctors and nurses play a vital role in diagnosing, treating and looking after patients with these conditions.   



It's late in the evening, and a young man in Khulna, Bangladesh, is gasping for breath, his anxiety mounting by the second.  He manages to call his GP, Dr Monsur Habib.  Dr Monsur leaves his evening walk and meets the young man at his primary care respiratory clinic.  Following a full assessment, the young man is treated for his asthma attack, and leaves reassured with an agreed and affordable treatment plan.  Working with the IPCRG Dr Monsur and his colleagues have helped over 500 GPs train in up-to-date respiratory management and spirometry. Throughout Bangladesh, more and more patients have access to the latest in respiratory care. 


We like to work in developing countries and develop affordable interventions that are really effective locally. In our FRESH AIR project in Uganda we are working with the local community to build cost effective solutions to better stoves and ventilation so that women and children are less exposed to smoke from cooking.   


Our work is really important to help patients control or prevent their symptoms of breathlessness, cough, wheeze, itchy eyes, runny nose and tiredness. Our aim is to improve the quality of their lives. We want to help patients and their doctors with practical and effective solutions. 


Please help us improve respiratory health in primary care. Your donation can help us in our work with primary care globally and, through that, improve patients’ lives. 


My warmest regards 


Jaime Correia De Souza 




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