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Welcome to Ukrainian Primary Care Respiratory Website

The founders of UPCRG: Department of Family Medecine of Kharkov Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education ( and The Kharkov regional organization «Association of General Practitioners and Family Doctors»

Our aim: to undertake research in community settings; to lead the production and dissemination of evidence-based guidelines appropriate for primary care professionals; and to develop education programmes to support that dissemination and changes in practice.


General Committee:
Prof. Oleksii Korzh (Chairman, member of WONCA)

As. Prof. Sergiy Krasnokutskiy (Chief Executive)


Bank account: 260025094
ÅÄÐÏÎÓ 26525013
ÌÔÎ 351629 ÂÀÒ «Ìåãàáàíê»
Address: Ukraine, Kharkov, Moskovskiy av. 195
Tel.: +38 572 26-00-18, Fax: +3857 715 3421

We do not take responsibility for the accuracy of translations of Desktop helpers and other IPCRG resources that  are organised by our members or other partners, but to increase accessibility of our material we do publish them on our website.


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