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Read more here  from the University of Washington about their Spirometry 360 and SpiroSmart programme, that we tested as an E-Quality programme and has now been extended to Bangladesh thanks to a grant from a grant from CoMotion to the University of Washington team.

To quote from their blog:

"Dr. Habib’s clinic was the only one to specialize in pulmonary ailments for two hundred square miles. Patients with lung conditions came from all over to be tested and get treatment. As such, where some clinics in Seattle might see fifty patients in a week, Dr. Habib’s clinic saw that many in a day, and as many as a thousand a month. For Mayank Goel, [one of the team at University of Washington] it was a goldmine of data, and  December 2015 he went to visit Dr. Habib in Bangladesh and see the operation for himself. He was able to spend more than two days testing SpiroSmart in the field, comparing its results with those of the standard spirometry test. “It was tremendously valuable,” he says."

Dr Monsur Habib, our Bangladesh Senate representative, has provided more than two thousand head-to-head tests, and on a variety of ailments. From this, the University of Washington SpiroSmart team will be able to improve their algorithm for a mobile app that will let physicians use phones to test a patient’s lung capacity. Working with Prof Jim Stout, they are hoping to launch SpiroSmart later in 2016, and are working to get FDA approval. The hope is that, with SpiroSmart, patients will eventually be able to use their own phones to track their lung function at home.


The University of Washington is one of our FRESH AIR partners.  Read more about extending spirometry to Uganda, Kyrgyz Republic, Crete and Vietnam here.

Prof Mike Thomas

Chair IPCRG Research Sub-committee