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August 3rd

Diagnostic aids in primaray care: spirometry, peak flow meters, FeNO, exhaled carbon monoxide and pulse oximetry

Speakers: Dr Jaime Correia de Sousa, Portugal, Prof. Jim Stout, USA, Prof. Savithri Wimalasekera, Sri Lanka

Part 1 FRESH AIR Teaching Session on FRESH AIR 360 Spirometry and SpiroSmart

Speakers: Jim Stout, USA, Prof. Savithri Wimalasekera, Sri Lanka

Palliative and end of life care for chronic respiratory disease

Speakers: Dr Liz Grant, UK and Dr P. R. Siriwardene, Sri Lanka

Inhaler technique: how to teach colleagues and patients effective inhaler technique with a range of devices

Speakers: Drs Hazari and A Senevirathne, Sri Lanka


August 4th

Personalising asthma care

Speakers: Prof Holary Pinnock, UK, Dr Anthony Senevirathne, Sri Lanka, Prof. Khoo Ee Ming, Malaysia

Personalising COPD care

Speakers: Dr Tan Tze Lee, Singapore, Dr Sundeep Salvi, India, Dr Nick Hopkinson, UK

Value vaccination! The case for people at risk of chronic respiratory disease

Speakers: Dr Jude Jayamaha, Sri Lanka, Dr H T Wickramasinghe, Sri Lanka

Workforce challenges

How to improve access to care for people with chronic respiratory disease in primary care safely, effectively and effectively

Speakers: Prof Chunhua Chi, China, Prof Rajendra Kou, Nepal, Dr Komal Apte, India

Measures to control TB in South Asia

Speakers: Dr Kanthi Ariyarathne, Dr Arsha Javaid, Pakistan, Dr Vineet Bhatia, Sri Lanka, Dr Asif Mustaba Mahmud, Bangledesh, Dr Keerthi Gunasekera, Sri Lanka

Implementing Pulmonary rehabilitation in low and middle income countries

Speakers: Prof. Sally Singh, UK, Dr Rupert Jones, UK, Dr Rowshan Alam, Bangledesh


August 5th

Children with respiratory disease

Speakers: Prof. Khoo Ee Ming, Malaysia, Prof. Jim Stout, USA, Mariann Ostergaard, Denmark, Dr B J C Perera, Sri Lanka

Disgnosing and managing allergy in South Asia: A practical update

Speakers: Dr Osman Yusuf, Pakistan, Dr Jaime Correia de Sousa, Portugal, Dr Rajiva de Silva, Sri Lanka

Tobacco Dependence Workshop

Speakers: Dr Jagdish Kaur, WHO, Dr Anders Ostrem, Norway, Dr Tilak Silva, Sri Lanka

Case discussions: Diagnosis and management of adults with chronic cough and sleep disorders in primary care

Speakers: Dr Afiah Sidikeen, Sri Lanka, Dr Monsur Habib, Bangladesh, Dr Chandimani Undugodage, Sri Lanka

FRESH AIR 1: Local solutions for the world's biggest problem

Speakers: Onno van Schayck, Netherlands, Frederik van Gemert, Netherlands, Cristian Ghergu, India

Case discussions: ACOS diagnosis and management

Speakers: Dr Amitha Fernando, Sri Lanka, Prof. Le Thi Tuyet Lan, Vietnam