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IPCRG and the NCD Alliance

The NCD Alliance aims to put chronic disease/non-communicable disease on the global agenda. The IPCRG has joined the alliance as part of our campaign for chronic lung disease, stop smoking and the role of primary care to be taken seriously by national governments and funding agencies.

Left: NCDs are a major cause of poverty and an urgent development issue. There are eight million premature deaths each year from the major NCD risk factors, often leaving families with no means of support.

A collection of key resources (available also in German, French and Greek) relevant to the work of UN agencies before and after the September 2011 UN summit to address the crisis in non-communicable diseases.

Integrated care/chronic disease managment resources 
A collection of resources with a UK focus assessing international best practice in effective provision of care for patients with chronic diseases, looking at the benefits of a proactive, integrated approach.

The International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare held in March 2011 showcased the UK Department of Health’s Whole System Demonstrator (WSD) Pilot Programme, an online resource on telecare, telehealth and the management of long-term conditions. Hosted by the King's Fund, it reached not only the 350 delegates present, but another 1600 from 59 countries watching remotely.




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